Head of Business Development at TECS Group

by Darren Hilliar

I will be honest, I do not like recruitment consultants and have only 3 that I trust and like to use. So when I was asked to lead the search to recruit three Engineer positions across multiple regions, I immediately went to my go to contacts to agree rates and start the search. We had been trying to fill these positions for a while with no luck. I was also passed some CV’s from our Ops Director from a firm he has used previously and to be fair they looked pretty good. So I spoke to Danny from the FMC Network who told me a lady called Amarah Ranger would be dealing with our search.

Now to be honest I was not really feeling all that hopeful; however, from the very first email I was pleasantly surprised. A nice concise summary of all the possible candidates by engineering discipline and region was sent through to me along with all the CVs. Subsequently for any additional candidates Amarah would re-issue the list, minus any I had ruled out. It all sounds very simple, but it just made my life a little easier. What really helped though was the fact that Amarah is incredibly professional and actually does what she says she is going to do, which from my experience is a rarity in the recruitment sector.

The up-shot of all this was that Amarah’s candidates filled two of the three posts we were recruiting for and on top of this, I now have another recruitment specialist that I actually trust. Thank you Amarah you are like a rose amongst all the thorns.

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