3D FRAMEWORK® in partnership with ENG


Attracting, hiring, and continuously engaging top talent has never been more challenging.

Our continued research and investment in this field, with our parent company Executive Network Group (ENG), led to creating a unique platform to help our clients overcome these challenges; ENG 3D Framework®.

The 3D Framework® is a unique, data-driven talent insights platform designed to help companies overcome short-term recruitment challenges whilst simultaneously build a diverse, agile talent pipeline for what lies ahead. It is changing the way companies attract, view, and hire new employees.

The 3D Framework® powers our core recruitment solutions and is underpinned by 3 key pillars of recruitment expertise:

Diversity: proven strategies to widen, deepen and strengthen our talent pools. 

Data: to evidence and improve our quality of service, provide diversity innovation and genuine market insight. 

Delivery: because robust, outcome-driven recruitment campaigns are what our clients deserve.



To learn more about the 3D Framework®  and to find out how others have embedded our recruitment expertise in their wider business strategy, email us at 

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