Job Seekers

When working with The FM Network, your experience with us will be as undemanding and effortless as it can possibly be.

You will be liaising with complete experts in your vertical market, who will have your best interests at heart every step of the way. We deliver a friendly and approachable service, where you will build a relationship with your dedicated career consultant. As your career develops, so will this partnership. You will be kept up to date with feedback, advice and any relevant information, experiencing a consultative approach to help guide you through the process and achieve your dream job!


What to expect

You can expect an informative and non-biased service, with honesty throughout. Should it be the wrong time, or the wrong opportunity, you can be assured we will be the first to tell you. Maintaining a communicative relationship with you is important to us. Whether it be a quick phone call to discuss relevant industry topics or informing you of a potential opportunity, you will receive a personalised experience. You will be kept up to date with market information and trends, ensuring your finger is kept firmly on the pulse. When the time comes to explore the market, we will be on hand to support you and present you with options to further your career.

As well as introducing you to companies perfectly matched to your needs, we will also offer you advice during the interview process. We can inform you of potential questions and objections, and even a personal insight into the hiring manager. We want to give you the best chance to succeed when going for your perfect role.


Our approach

We have a quality-orientated approach to recruitment, aligning your personal values with those of our clients. Our service is second to none, helping you explore the best opportunities.

We realise the value in long-term relationships and you can expect us to stay in touch throughout the whole journey. This doesn’t end with successfully securing your new position, the relationship you have built with us will last a lifetime (or at least your lifetime working in FM!) Our honesty, integrity and industry knowledge is what makes us different. You will always have somewhere to turn for advice, support or even just a chat about your day!

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