Cost vs Quality: Which is more important?

by Richard Britcliffe

I am going to start this blog by admitting I made a mistake (so you jumped up recruiters don’t need to point it out). I took a very detailed spec for a very senior role but left the salary quite “flak…

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Low Fee = Great service? Surely not

by Lee Onions

After recently returning from a client pitch (against 4 other agencies may I add), I listened to a client mention “quality”, “service” and “partnership” over and over again to then call me to say they…

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Does the rise in online retail ecommerce spell a downward spiral for service providers with retail contracts?

by James Preston

High street department store BHS recently filled for administration following cash flow problems, acting as a stark reminder of how even a growing economy (as outlined by the UK Government in recent m…

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Sector Specific Experience: Needed or Not?

by Sector Specific Experience: Needed or Not?

I’ve taken many job specifications in my time and as a healthcare specialist dealing with FM service providers, a client asking for healthcare experience is a given…. until recently.

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6 Tips to Flex Your Workspace!

by Rebecca Brown

With the growing demand for office space in all the major cities across the UK, there is bound to be an increase in the amount of businesses taking advantage of the ‘flexible workspace’. The UK is sat…

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Transforming the Unused to the Unusual

by Natasha Mughal

As the housing crisis and office shortage increases, it has become popular to use unused buildings for a new purpose. This not only uses a space that would remain empty otherwise, but allows for a sav…

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